Soy sauce has become common amongst some of the most famous restaurants all around the world, as well as a common household condiment.

We invite you to explore the story of Matsumoto Craft Soy Sauce of Kawagoe, with over 250 years of rich history. The barrels we use today for fermentation date back to more than 180 years. This is not your ordinary everyday soy sauce, as most common ones are made within 4 to 6 months. We spend up to two years crafting our special sauce, and we promise you will enjoy every drop.

Come visit for a free factory tour, and experience with all of your senses, the amazing world of how our soy sauce is created.


We have a great lineup of Soy Sauce and Soy Sauce based products that you can purchase at our gift store, “Shigigura”. Believe it or not, our sesame salad dressing made using Soy Sauce has also gathered tremendous media attention due to its deliciousness.

You can taste many of our products at the store before purchasing, so please be sure to stop by!


Stop by our factory and see for yourself, the traditional soy sauce making methodology still used today since our inception. Our factory building is a sight to behold, and has received a special designation from the City of Kawagoe as having great historical significance. Feel with all of your senses, what traditional soy sauce making is all about. You will see the many large brewing barrels, accompanied by deep, and complex aromas.

We offer tours, free of charge.
Sat. & Sun. & Holidays:1PM, 2PM, and 3PM

The tour is about 20 minutes long, and you do not need a reservation. Please come directly to the factory, 10 minutes before the starting time.

For larger groups of 10 or more people, please call to make a reservation.
Tel: 049-222-0432
Hours of telephone operation:
Mon. thru Fri:9AM – 5 PM only

*Please note, depending on the factory conditions, there may be days where we cannot offer a tour.
Also, not all parts of the factory are accessible during the tour. We appreciate your understanding.


We also offer Sake Tasting at the gift store as well. You can try many of the local Kawagoe-made sake, for a great price. Please be sure to check it out.


After the tour, enjoy a tasty hot bowl of ramen made using Matsumoto Soy Sauce at Ramen Underground, our partner ramen store located right next to the factory.

Ramen Underground is owned and operated by the same people of the famous Kawagoe Ganja Ramen.


Matsumoto Soy Sauce Factory is located in the heart of Kawagoe-city in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

We are open everyday from 9AM to 6PM.
We hope to see you soon!